Marie Carter and Associates is a private counseling practice offering individual, couple, family, and group counseling as well as chemical abuse and addiction assessment and treatment.  This pastoral counseling practice is located in two churches east of the Cooper River from Charleston, SC providing the safe, supportive, and anonymous environment for fostering positive change.

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"My fifteen year old daughter could not have made it through her rage and grief over our divorce without the steadying hand of Ms. Carter."

- Former Client
The Practice
  • Offers confidential clinical support and counseling services with licensed and supervised professionals.
  • Treats adults and children with state of the art clinical standards of care, theory, and methods.
  • Makes available daytime, evening, and some weekend hours by appointment.
  • Invites clients to address their personal issues within their own spirituality and faith context.
  • Charges sliding scale fees and no fees in the most needy cases.
  • Provides easy access to information and therapist via website.
  • Serves the East Cooper area, Charleston County, and the surrounding area.
  • Presents workshop and training events.